Department of English Language Career Prospect


Eno Iyang Etuk

Department Career Prospect

The graduates of the English programme of the Department of English are trained to be teachers of English Language and Literature at all of the pre-university levels of the Nigerian educational strata. Both the Nigerian Print and Electronic Media (which use English as the medium of communication) are ready employers of our graduates.

In addition, our graduates have a ready market in the Nigerian Civil Service as well as the Foreign and Diplomatic Service. More generally, they can be employed in the personnel, public relations and marketing units of various corporate institutions – both local and international. They are also highly needed locally and internationally in the publishing industry. By virtue of their training, they are equally employable in the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood). They can also practice as actors, actresses, script writers, editors, among others. The Banking sub-sector of the economy is also known to value, very highly, the English communicative skills of graduates of English.