Department of Economics Career Prospect


Dr. Favour C. Onuoha

Department Career Prospect

• The B.Sc. Economics degree programme is designed to reform and inculcate economic discipline in learners. The theories, quantitative and policy analyses are aimed at equipping undergraduates with a wide variety of knowledge required to contribute to the development of the social sciences. At the end of their training, the graduates are competent to take careers in academic, planning and policy making, research, statistics, public service, banking, business, data analysis, consultancy among others, and be able to pursue postgraduate studies in economics.

• The graduates of the Department of Economics are known to enjoy a broad spectrum of employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors of the national economy. They serve and occupy positions of responsibility in institutions of higher learning in which a good number of our products are expected to pioneer the establishment of the discipline in newer institutions. There are job opportunities in the international labour market in the United Nations agencies, African Union, ECOWAS as well as in institutions of higher learning abroad.