Department of Radiography and Radiation Science Brief History


Associate Prof. Ochie Kalu

Radiography is the art and science of application of various forms of radiant energies, including x-rays, sound, magnetic waves, heat and other forms of energies and waves in diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases.

Radiographers are professionals that have gone through prescribed curriculum of training required to develop the needed skills to qualify to administer various forms of radiation energies and waves with minimum or no damage to population and environment.

In the past few decades, there has been rapid technological advancement, progress in sophistication and diversity of medical imaging equipment. This requires the harnessing of scientific knowledge, application and expertise to deliver modern diagnosis and therapy through radiography, radiotherapy and imaging sciences. This can only be achieved with an enhanced university level modern scientific training. Bachelor of Science degree in Radiography and Radiation Sciences Programme strives to produce highly skilled professionals that can confidently deliver required modern treatment and compete with their counterparts all over the world. In line with the university core values the program is aimed at producing radiographers with wholistic approach to healthcare delivery where excellence, compassion and innovation are the hallmark

Department of Radiography and Radiation Sciences was established in 2018/2019 session in keeping with the regulations of National University Commission (NUC) and full participation of Radiographers Registration Board (RRBN). The department was established along with the College of Health Science of Evangel University.

The department sets a high priority on exchange of ideas related to radiography education and research with major focus on production of outstanding graduate radiographers with high degree of competence and safety in the practice of radiography at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health care delivery. It prepares graduates to be confident members of health care team as well as competent supervisors of Radiography entrepreneurship and other clinical settings. They are also trained to take their rightful places in research centres and industries.

Philosophy Aims and Objectives of the programme

1. To provide students with adequate scientific knowledge base and practical skills that will enable them assume professional positions.

2. To train radiographers that can use the most complex medical imaging systems for research and industries for diagnostic treatments.

3. To adequately train students to become radiographers with sufficient interpersonal and inter disciplinary skills to function as a member of health care team and other needed teams

4. To involve the students in intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.

5. To empower the students to graduate as radiographers with sufficient knowledge and analytical skills that will make them eligible for post graduate studies, research development and have the ability to fabricate components of medical imaging..

6. To produce entrepreneur Radiographers by developing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the students.

7. To train students with leadership skill and focus in their areas of endeavour

To offer a comprehensive and broad base radiography education and training of competent and responsible healthcare resource personnel that will impact the world globally, and locally and hence, enhance the health of the developing world.


To be the best radiography training centre where opportunities are given to students to develop their potentials, discover themselves and be mastery of their lives by providing them with honest, open and friendly learning environment and produce graduates that will be sought after in health care delivery.